ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) is the most accepted framework for IT Service Management (ITSM) in the world. Over 1.5 million professionals have earned one or more ITIL® certificates at EXIN.

ITIL® consists of a coherent set of best practices drawn from many public and business sectors. ITIL® is the appropriate framework for organizations that (regularly) deal with supplying, using or supporting IT services. ITIL® is based on the practice of IT Service Management and is expected to continue to be a guiding framework for a long time.

Many organizations are heavily dependent on their IT. ITIL® provides the most detailed documentation for successfully setting up management processes within an IT organization.

Exams by levelCode
ITIL ® Foundation Certificate in IT Service ManagementITILF
ITIL® PractitionerITILP

ITIL® Continual Service Improvement CertificateITILCSI
ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle CertificateITILMLC
ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis CertificateITILOSA
ITIL® Planning, Protection and Optimization CertificateITILPPO
ITIL® Release, Control and Validation CertificateITILRCV
ITIL® Service Design CertificateITILSD
ITIL® Service Operation CertificateITILSO
ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements CertificateITILSOA
ITIL® Service Strategy CertificateITILSS
ITIL® Service Transition CertificateITILST

ITIL® Master QualificationITILMA

ITIL® Master QualificationITILMA


Applying the agile way of thinking means accepting change. Even to expect it. Because of the flexible way of working, the sprints, the daily meetings and continuous testing there is constantly room to adjust the product, or to change course half way a project. In the end the project will result in a high-quality product that is according to the clients’ wishes. Agile Scrum is also a different way of working: there are no long or endless meetings, no irrelevant documentation and less paper artifacts. Agile teams organize themselves in such a way that information is communicated in a timely manner to all stakeholders.

This unique certification program validates a professional’s blended knowledge in agile methodologies and scrum practices. It focusses on the basic principles and concepts of both Agile and Scrum with an emphasis on several Scrum components like the sprint, the daily 15-minute meetings, the roles and ceremonies.

EXIN Agile Scrum Master builds on the foundation level exam and has practical components. However the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation certificate is not a mandatory prerequisite. EXIN does highly recommend this certificate or other, relevant certificates.

The exam program is aimed at all professionals who want to keep up-to-date with the developments in IT and Project Management, especially project participants and managers. In particular, the certification is suitable for professionals working in the areas of: Project Management; Software development; IT Service Management; and Business Management.

Exams by levelCode
EXIN Agile Scrum FoundationASF

EXIN Agile Scrum MasterASM
EXIN Agile Scrum Product OwnerASPO



Companies and organizations often have difficulty organizing projects efficiently, resulting in increased costs, delays and failures. The time constraints, risks and complexity of many projects puts pressure on project managers and team members. PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments), the default standard for project management, is the solution to take projects to a higher level.

Better prospects for professional and organization

A PRINCE2 certificate from EXIN proves the professional has the required skills, knowledge and competence to successfully manage projects. That’s why more and more companies around the world demand project managers who have a PRINCE2 certificate. An EXIN certificate for PRINCE2 takes the skills of professionals to a higher level, thereby strengthening the organization he or she works for.


An extension to the PRINCE2 exam program is PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner. This exam will seek to blend the best of PRINCE2 and agile methods by focusing at the interactions between the two approaches and how each needs to be adapted to accommodate the other. It Combines the control of PRINCE2, with the agility of Agile.

Target group

Organizations that want their projects to be managed in a more efficient and effective way should embrace PRINCE2. It is the best method for both ICT and non-ICT related projects, as PRINCE2 can be applied to any type and size of project. PRINCE2 is suitable not only for those managing projects, but also for all staff participating in projects, to ensure that all those involved in a project have the same understanding of what is required.

Exams by levelCode
PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate in Project Management PR2F

PRINCE2® Practitioner CertificatePR2P
PRINCE2 Agile™ PractitionerPR2A

Practitioner Re-Registration
PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration CertificatePR2P_re